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Spring 2024 Projects

Updated: Jun 10

Spring 2024 is in the books! We've had a GREAT year. I am so proud of the growth my students have shown over the school year. They have demonstrated the historical skills of:

1. Sequential Reasoning: Learning the logic of cause and effect.

2. Understanding History: Answering the questions of who, what, when, where, and why in history.

3. Evaluating and Interpreting History: Presenting and defending opinions by making judgments about historical information, validity of sources, and strength of argument.

4. Research Skills in History: Studying past events by looking at old documents, photos, and other sources to understand what happened and investigating why.

5. Analyzing Historical Issues and Making Decisions: Examining past events to figure out why things happened and what impact they had.

Let's take a look at some of our final projects.

Ancient World History: This Spring, our class focused on cultures such as the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, and early Chinese dynasties. Key topics included emergence of Aegean civilization and how interrelations developed among peoples of the eastern Mediterranean and Southwest Asia, 600-200 BCE, the development of democracy in Greece, the expansion of the Roman Empire, Persian wars, the spread of major religions, and advancements in technology and art. Our virtual students engaged with interactive multimedia resources, such as videos, virtual tours of ancient sites, and digital timelines. They participated in online discussions, group projects, and simulations to deepen their understanding of historical events and their impact.

This is the link to their wonderful group project on the history of the Olympics.

High School U.S. History: This semester's comprehensive American History course for high school students offered an in-depth exploration of the social, political, economic, and cultural development of the United States from Reconstruction to the present. Through a blend of primary sources, interactive activities, and critical analysis, our students gained a thorough understanding of the key events, figures, and movements that have shaped the nation.

This is the link to their group project on The Gulf War Air Campaign.

Middle School U.S. History: These are our youngest students. They are becoming familiar with historical thinking skills:

  1. Chronological Thinking

  2. Historical Comprehension

  3. Historical Analysis and Interpretation

  4. Historical Research Capabilities

  5. Historical Issues-Analysis and Decision-Making

They chose to do their presentation on a topic that fascinated them. We had a great discussion in class on the long-term consequences of The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and this is their first digital history presentation.

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