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I would like to take the time to thank all our parents for the awesome privilege of allowing us to teach your children.


"Thank you Mrs. Nelson for taking the time to teach us something really important in our heritage. It helps us understand why the world is the way is today."   Brooklyn M.  

"My son has been a student of Mrs. Nelson's for the past 2 1/2 years. She quickly became one of his favorite teachers for her passion, her interesting discussions, and for the engaging ways she ran her history classes. Because of her, my son loves history and shares interesting tidbits and things he's learned. He also has greatly improved his essay writing, thinking, and study skills as a student in her classes. Beyond the facts of history, Nichelle has taught my son how to see history with more nuance and appreciate the complexity and richness in the world.
As a parent, Nichelle maintained excellent communication, posted regular progress reports, and was always ready to step in and help her students - and parents! I have recommended Mrs. Nelson's classes to many others, and would love for other students and families to have such a positive experience.
Thank you, thank you, Mrs. Nelson! We are so grateful for our time with you."  Karly P.  


"We are thrilled about G*'s performance in your class. I wanted to take this chance however to recognize YOUR efforts in sparking a love of learning in G*, for encouraging his curiosity and for modeling the skills needed to make connections between historical events of the past and our social and political experiences in today's world. These skills are so crucial for this generation. G* often speaks of your enthusiasm in class and recognizes the dedication you bring to your work. He has expressed interest in wanting to continue on through the History of the World series of classes. I imagine he will end up with more history credits than he'll need since he'll also need to take US History and Government along the way." ~ Christina P.


"Thank you for all your support of L* these past weeks. He loves having study hall and is feeling so much better with this extra support, and having a set time to work on assignments. In reading your blog, I appreciate the rich discussions you create for your students and the greater contexts you create for them in understanding their world.  You are a helpful, engaging, positive, and inspiring teacher. You support students while also challenging them. You make history come alive in richness and depth. I also appreciated the excellent communication to parents, and to me. We feel lucky to have you!" ~ Karly P.


"Thank you so much for all your hard work with K* (and the rest of the students). I especially appreciate your recognition that he may be struggling with focus and time management. It’s clear you care about them and doing everything you can to help them grow and succeed, and we’re very grateful." ~ Ken P.


"I appreciate you and your care for our children." ~ Tamika M.


"J* really enjoys your history class, it’s her favorite class!" ~ Amy C.


"Thanks so much for all you are doing. We can see her growth just over the last few weeks from the level of work you are requiring her to do. You are a blessing!" Tamatha D.


A word of appreciation from one of our past students:

"Hello Miss Nelson! I took your US history class last year. Thank you for challenging me with your teaching that year. The skills I gained from the national history day paper I had to write are now invaluable to me. I am forever grateful that you had us use a college textbook because this school year I am using another adult book for history, and I feel very empowered that I can handle that difficulty of a text. Your fast pace and interesting materials gave me a greater appreciation for history. Now it is one of my favorite subjects. I appreciate the knowledge that the class gave me because it helps me to connect history to the modern day. I now have a love for research that sprouted while I worked on my paper on Shirley Chisholm. Your class also helped me develop perseverance. When I wanted to give up, I learned to keep going. That perseverance and confidence I developed from our weekly presentations helped me to pursue both the Congressional Award and the Presidential Award for Voluntary Service. I worked on getting these national honors since August last year and will hopefully receive them soon. Thank you for adjusting to online so we could finish our year together." ~ Amira S.

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