Charis' passion for government and politics was piqued in high school when she excelled in honors government and honors constitutional law classes.  She is committed to helping her students become future informed voters with the ability to actively listen to both ends of the political spectrum to help them take ownership of their U.S. citizenship.  

Stay Tuned! 

This summer, Charis will be working to make her Constitutional Law and U.S. Government courses in a digitally based, self-paced format.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for launch dates.     



This accelerated Constitutional Law course offered Spring 2022 will provide a framework for students to understand how our highest court in the country works and functions within our system of government.


Students will be given information on just how important the judicial branch of government is. They will learn how to read supreme court cases, write beginner court briefs, and become more aware of landmark cases that have shaped our country into what it is today. Additionally, students will learn the importance of strategically analyzing both sides of controversial court cases.


This is going to be a rigorous and delightfully informative course and I look forward to the opportunity of teaching students about this powerful subject!  

U.S. Government - 

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK:  Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy (12th Edition)

This is an honors high-school level, nonpartisan introduction to the foundation of American political thought, current events, electoral practices, foreign policy and the impact of politics on daily life.  The goal of this course is to motivate students to become active participants in all aspects of political life.  Appropriate for 11th-12th.